Footprints in the Hills Launched 14-12-19

Our life stories book of long time Mudgee residents was launched at Club Mudgee on Saturday 14th December, with more than 80 people attending. “Footprints in the Hills” tells the stories of 19 special people. Deputy Mayor, Sam Paine, from our Mid Western Regional Council, launched the book and Bob Campbell hosted a performance poetry event for the enjoyment of the audience.

Copies of Footprints in the Hills can be purchased for $15 or $20 posted – contact

More Than Words exhibition day

A photobook of the top 20 winning entries from the competition can be purchased for $20 or $25 posted. Email

More Than Words

People’s Choice Awards

Noel Pickett   Zeb

Peter O’Shaughnessy   Cockies Fish and Chips

Georgie Baggett   The Misunderstood

Thora Linquist   All Aboard

Thora Linquist   Brewer School

Lola Yates   My Mysterious Photo                 

Karen Lieversz   Sweet Walls

Tahlia Brown   Scars

Narelle Noppert Box Brownie

Rachel Knowles I Believe                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Poetry and Pictures

Mudgee Valley Writers is holding an exhibition of all entries in our More Than Words competition.

Venue is Club Mudgee, upstairs, Room 1 from 2pm till 4pm on Saturday 14th December 2019.

Ten Viewers Choice Prizes will be awarded.

At the same event we will be launching our new anthology Footprints in the Hills.

Poets, local and from afar, will entertain us with readings during the afternoon.

Everyone with an interest in writing is welcome to attend.

Books will be for sale –  More Than Words $20 or $25 posted

Footprints in the Hills $15 or $20 posted


More Than Words Competition Results


Results 2019

            Title                                                                Author                        

1st       Book of Drought                                           Benjamin Wild                       

2nd      Ink and Wine                                                  David Jones              

3rd       Snow White                                                   Jenny Pollak 

Published in Photobook:             

            Yellow by the Flames Jessie Ansons           

            Beware of Circles   Agi Dobson                       

            Paean to my Boots   Denise Parker             

            Dipped in Gold    Veronika Winkels     

            Light Magic    Louise Kingma                       

            Sweet Walls   Karen Lieversz                     

            Until    Max Merckenschlager        

            The Skeleton Tree  Janet Upcher            

            Fog   Gavin Austin             

            Missing    Fern Alise              

            Sell and regret, but sell   Robyn Sykes               

            Cockies Fish and Chips    Peter O’Shaughnessy           

            Have You Ever Seen Mudgee Smile?   Peter Fitzgerald       

            Fire This Way Comes    Rosa Christian                                 

            A Stitch in Time    Julie Wilson                        

            I Don’t Know You   Susan Matano                                   

            Zeb    Noel Pickett                        


  The Hand      David Jones            

The Rainbow     Karen Lieversz

Mudgee Valley Writers are hosting an exhibition of all entries received in the More Than Words Competition on Saturday 14th December from 2pm in Room 1 Club Mudgee. Everyone is welcome.

Ten Viewers Choice prizes will be awarded.

The afternoon will include entertainment from local Performance Poets and an Open Mike to showcase any visitors who may like to read a poem. We are hoping to also include the Launch of Footprints in the Hills. An anthology we are currently working on – showcasing the lives of older Mudgee residents.

MVW Local Competition results


1st   Ross Kurtz    Lady in Chalk  

2nd   Ross Kurtz   Dad’s Violin

3rd   Thora Linquist   The City Lad 

Highly Commended

Leonie O’Brien   The Man  

Ross Kurtz   Nine White Choughs


Leonie O’Brien   Locals

Jessica Hislop   Mr Johnson’s Harvest  


1st   Joyce Purtle   The Baker-Cupitt Saga 

2nd   Esther Palombini   Soldier’s Five 

3rd   Beryl Haley   A Stranger in our Midst

Highly Commended

Beryl Haley   Hat Trick

 Mary Vickers Home Alone


Beryl Haley   Dream On

Esther Palombini   The Pit

Since 1986, we still WRITE ON!