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Annual General Meeting for 2023

The AGM for Mudgee Valley Writers will be held on Tuesday 14th March from midday at Club Mudgee. All are welcome to attend.


Come to our Exhibition

The mini–Mudgee Readers Festival will be held over the weekend beginning on the 26th of August. We’ll be exhibiting all the entries of our very successful Much More Than Words competition at the Town Hall Library from 2 pm along with a free afternoon tea.

The Much More Than Words Exhibition held at the Town Hall Theatre at 2 pm on 27th August.

At 3 pm our very own Bob Campbell will be leading a group of poets for an hour of poetry.

All are invited to attend this free event and we’d love to see all entrants—whose works will be displayed. The Much More Than Words anthology has been received by prize winners and highly commended entrants. Copies will be available at the exhibition.

Come and visit our beautiful regional town and sample the locally grown wine and food and enjoy our renowned hospitality.

A picture is worth a thousand words

The first impression of this picture is ‘what well-behaved dogs.’ And for the split-second this picture was taken, indeed they were. However, immediately after they both liberated some baubles from the Christmas tree and proceeded to chase them around the house.

Flash fiction style

Tell us your picture story—flash fiction style—in 250 words. What was contrary to the image, or what does your picture emphatically say? You only have 11 days to submit your entry. Click on the competition link to download the entry form and get writing.


Bally and Maddie–at a quiet moment

A big shout out to our local council

When my husband and I moved to the Mudgee region we did it for a tree change in preparation for our retirements. We are 30 years away from being locals, but our decision was based on well-researched factors. We had a choice of areas to move to.

We are 30 years away from being locals

My husband’s only criterion was good wine. However, I wanted somewhere that promoted the arts. Mudgee boasts a booming arts culture, and the Mid Western Regional Council are 100% behind this. And to prove my beliefs Mid Western Regional Council has again supported the Mudgee Valley Writers in promoting beginning and emerging writers with sponsorship for our competition and exhibition.

A big thank you to our local council—who would want to live anywhere else?


The clock tower (from Mid-Western Regional Council website)