Norman McVicker Youth Literary Award 2021

Norman McVicker Youth Literary Award 2021 Mudgee Valley Writers Results

Poetry Winners

First place Jorja Brown August Afternoons

Second place Eoghan Kuiper One Strike of a Match

Third place Jericho Ellao The Last Owl

Highly Commended

Brynn Hartigan The War of the World

Naima De Souza Kitchen Wanderer


Mira Nguyen The Heroes of the World

Lylah Ellao Arc Forbidden

Hannah Gillam Where I Hide

Short Story Winners

First place Alexander Ho In That Silence

Second place Raynor Heath A Study of Nabakov

Third place Elisa Cheng Stage Show

Highly Commended

Nathan Kempnich Strange Fruit

Sophie Holt-Ye Earth

Ruby Jones The Day My Life Changed


Eoghan Kuiper The Escape

Please click the link below to download the PDF form.

Form 2021 Norman McVicker Literary award