MVW Local Competition results


1st   Ross Kurtz    Lady in Chalk  

2nd   Ross Kurtz   Dad’s Violin

3rd   Thora Linquist   The City Lad 

Highly Commended

Leonie O’Brien   The Man  

Ross Kurtz   Nine White Choughs


Leonie O’Brien   Locals

Jessica Hislop   Mr Johnson’s Harvest  


1st   Joyce Purtle   The Baker-Cupitt Saga 

2nd   Esther Palombini   Soldier’s Five 

3rd   Beryl Haley   A Stranger in our Midst

Highly Commended

Beryl Haley   Hat Trick

 Mary Vickers Home Alone


Beryl Haley   Dream On

Esther Palombini   The Pit


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