Norman McVicker Youth Literary Award 2016

 Competition Results



1st     Welcome Home Freya Cox TAS

2nd     The Man With the Voice Like A River Daisy Andrews NSW

3rd     On My Own Terms Freya Cox TAS

H/C   Behind A Barbed Wire Fence Brynnie Rafe VIC

H/C   The Best Laid Plans Brittany Doolan NSW

H/C   The Price of Liberty Freya Cox TAS

C       Walls Michaela Rowe ACT

C       Always Margie Sophie Eldridge SA

C       Multiple Neuroses Alexandra Elgue ACT

C       Variation on an Ancient Tale Clare Yan-yu Pryor NSW

C       Clocks and Bombs Lizzie Hughes ACT



1st       Painting the World Freya Cox TAS

2nd     Harmony Celine Ng WA

3rd     If All the World’s A Stage Freya Cox TAS

H/C   Villiers Lane Brooke Murray NSW

C       I Am Rain Brynnie Rafe VIC

C       To Be A Doll Grace Jin SA

C       Where the Coolibahs Grow Rachel Goodwin NSW

C       The Bushfire Alexandra Elgue ACT